Cloud storage has become a favorite way for users to store files and information in electronic format. The developers have created a considerable number of such programs and launched them on the utility market. MEGAsync is a data storage service that will not only keep your documents safe, but also do it easily and efficiently with the help of its functions and capabilities. Download the official version of MEGAsync for free on your PC, laptop, or smartphone from our website.


The presented utility is a multiplatform product that runs on the following operating systems:

  • Windows-download the utility to a PC or laptop running the Windows operating system and get maximum pleasure while working in the cloud file storage program;
  • Mac OS-install the presented utility on a computer with the Mac operating system and upload files to the cloud quickly and easily;
  • Linux-users of devices based on Linux OS can easily afford to install the presented application and use its functionality;
  • Android-download the software to your smartphone or tablet with the Android system and optimize your work with the device;
  • iOS users can install MEGAsync on iOS devices and fully work in this application.

Basic Functions

The presented software product is a cloud storage and has the following advantages:

  • Synchronization. Now you don't need to manually upload content to the cloud. The utility supports the background synchronization function. You choose what will be synchronized with the cloud: all folders, specific folders, or only a specific number of documents.
  • Safety. Developers guarantee users complete security at the time of uploading documents to the cloud and back. The information is protected by a special protocol, thanks to which no one will intercept and steal your data at the time of the way to and from the network.
  • Simplicity. The utility is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. The software will not interfere with the functioning of the system, will not overload, or slow it down.
  • Access from any device. Install the application on your computer, laptop and phone and log in to your account from any device. All files and documents will be available to you, no matter where you log in to the application.


Cloud storage is a useful and meaningful program that is necessary for every user of computers and smartphones. MEGAsync is a lightweight, intuitive program for storing files. Install the free app on your PC, laptop or phone and optimize your work.